Club Books – making money for your club

It’s no secret that clubs of all sizes and statures require funds to help with the everyday running and costs.

Your club’s very own football annual that earns your club money

We help clubs raise funds

There are many ways to utilize and capitalize but we believe we have come up with the perfect product every club will be proud of.

We firmly believe that if your favourite top branded famous club can have their very own official annual then why can’t your club have one?

The idea of Club Books was founded on the basis of a great desire to help youth and amateur clubs raise money; at the same time leave the club happy with a cheque and a stunning product to cherish forever.

We are supremely confident in our brand and believe absolutely in our concept so much that we have developed a win-win situation for all concerned.

The most incredible thing about your club having its very own official club book/annual is it doesn’t cost a single penny to your club. (see our terms) No kitty is harmed in the making of your club’s football annual.

On the contrary – your club actually profits.

Club Books produce stunning hardback/paperback annuals fully designed and unique to your club only.