Club Books – making money for your club

It could not be any simpler to earn your club money with your very own unique club annual and what’s more: it doesn’t cost your club a single penny. (see our terms)

Your club’s very own personalized American football club book can earn your club money!

Club Books – making money for your clubWe produce personalized American football annuals for your club, capturing your club’s history, achievements, photo gallery, individual player and member profiles – all in full glorious colour (and of course black & white for all those nostalgia photos from yesteryear).

Your official club book is designed personally for your club only and comes in a beautiful hardback glossy cover with full-colour interior. Nowhere, anywhere, will your club own a better official product…guaranteed!

Your club will be proud to have its unique club annual and all members of your club will have a lifetime memory.

If your favourite professional team can have an official club annual (that you’ve most likely purchased) then why not have your very own annual?

How your book is produced

We send one of our nationwide photographers to your club for a complete photoshoot. We also accept self-taken photos taken by a smartphone with an acceptable pixel resolution (most smartphones possess high enough quality images for your book).

*Our photographers may require an extra session or sessions due to the volume of your club members.

We extract information such as your club’s history and achievements and rewrite everything to make the content unique.

Types of books:

  • History
  • Anniversary
  • Annual
  • Bi-Annual

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There are 4 ways your club stands to earn money:


Does your club have an anniversary coming up? Then contact a member of our team to discuss how we can assist you with your club’s very own annual in hardback/paperback to mark your special occasion.

Club historians – get in touch with us! We’ll publish your club’s book (subject to terms, of course).