Club Books – making money for your clubClub Books can help your club raise much-needed funds. Developed from a knowledge of sport and strong connections to the football world, Club Books was originally formed to help young football clubs raise money.

We have since grown into other branches covering a multitude of sports and organizations.

What’s remarkable is: it doesn’t cost your club a single penny. In fact, even more remarkable – your club actually makes money from these beautiful hardback/paperback glossy annuals.

Does your club have an anniversary coming up? Then contact a member of our team to discuss how we can assist you with your club’s very own annual in hardback/paperback to mark your special occasion.

Club historians – get in touch with us! We’ll publish your club’s book (subject to terms, of course).

If your organization or club is not listed on our list then please contact us where we will endeavour to help you.

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